The human body is an amazing machine. It really wants to function at its peak capacity. But how can we maximize its full potential to live better, smarter, and healthier? These are questions we should all be asking ourselves. Most importantly, these are questions we should seek to find answers for. In this episode with talk to Doctor Extraordinaire, Thierry Jacquemin and we get to discuss some topics that are so important to us all! From time and stress management to eating right and exercising regularly, the blueprint is laid out in front of us. But why is it so hard to implement? What about the water we drink here in the United States. The hormones, toxins, and antibiotics found in our food. How is that impeding our efforts to get healthy? When you top all of that with our obsession to be supermen and superwomen and be productive all the time, it’s a lot to digest. Pun always intended! Without further ado, it’s time to Get Social!

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