First of all, Happy New Year! We’ve made it to Episode 20! I'm looking forward to so many more to go! It’s also the first episode of 2021. I’m so excited for this year. 2020 was a unique year, to say the least, but we’re not going to get stuck in the past. Instead, I want to focus on the lessons I never thought I would learn in this particular fashion. Some of those lessons include how important it is to prioritize your health, practice patience, lots of that, being able to adjust and pivot on a dime, compassion, and the most of all, understanding that the most important things are the most overlooked in a more “normal” setting. In 2019 and years before that, we prioritized things that were never that important, to begin with. We still do today of course, but 2020 made me realize that there is so much more joy in the moments you spend with the ones you love the most.

I'm excited to share my resolution for 2021 and what I plan to do in order to get there!

It's time to Get Social!

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