They say that success skips a generation. Whether or not that is actually true, generational impact is real! Seldom do we think of how the choices we make today impact our children and the generations to come. But it shouldn't be that way. Our role as parents is to put our children in better positions than we were in ourselves?

In this episode, we get to know Chris Barrientos, a talented, level-headed, driven young man well beyond his years. Chris and I met a year and a half ago. He cold-called me looking for a job at the most opportune time possible! At the very second I was expressing to my wife that I needed help growing my agency, my phone rings. Call it fate or whatever, but that call was the beginning of a mentor/mentee relationship that I value immensely. It means so much to me that I often find myself in the mentee role. I can truly say that I've learned just as much from Chris.

Chris has a very promising future in the marketing industry or any industry he chooses because of his overall approach to life. I invite you to learn from him as well!

Meet Chris!

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