This little black book is much different than the one you might have had during your school years. This is the little black book of social media. You might have heard about it on…social media most likely! Today I have the honor and absolute pleasure to have the Co-Author of this little black book, Dr. Sharmin Attaran on the show.

Dr. Attaran is an expert in the field of Digital Marketing and enjoys researching how technology aids marketing communication and marketing education. She also designs various courses and programs in digital marketing at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive level. In addition to teaching and research, she runs a successful digital marketing consulting business aiming at refining marketing strategies for businesses along with workshops and training for non-profits and SMEs.

Here's an example of what we spoke about! Did you know that in some cases the order value coming from your social media traffic is 4 times greater than the average order? Think about that for a few seconds.

I’m pretty sure you now have a pretty good idea of what we’ll be talking about so let’s go straight to it! It’s time to literally Get Social!

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