Ok so let’s start with the socks, why am I showing them? Well in case you didn’t notice, or for those who only have access to the audio portion of the podcast, I have rockets on my socks. And the reason why is because I’ve been feeling like I’m taking off! This is episode 10 of the Getting Social Podcast and through the first 10 episodes, I’ve learned a whole lot. And the beauty of it all is not just technical stuff and the ins and outs of putting a podcast together. I’ve learned through my guests, I’ve learned to be resilient and more consistent so I’m grateful for that.

Now the real answer why I’m showing my socks. My next guest, Jonathan Arias better known as the Prime Minister of the Sock Ministry has shown me a whole new way of appreciating socks! He is a badass lawyer, businessman, and family man and his passion for socks has been a part of his building his brand making this the perfect example of what personal branding can do for YOU!

Let’s go straight to it. It’s time to get social!

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