As human beings we’ve been telling stories since the cavemen days. Just look at the scriptures. They tell us the story of how they lived.

Today, when you watch a movie or read a good book, what fuels our attention to keep watching or reading? The story right? If the story is boring then we lose interest. It’s that simple! We even get to know the characters as if they were our friends or family. We care about them and all of that is because of their stories.

The art of storytelling however is not only used for movies, tv, books, and music, it’s also used for marketing! Marketers use storytelling to get the attention of the market they are targeting. An interesting story about that product or company will make us care enough to…. Buy!

In this episode, we have a fun, motivational conversation with Tommy De Armas. More than a graphic designer, he is the creator of Fishi! Fishi® is a Puerto Rico based Island Lifestyle brand inspired by a big-eyed fish. They produce creative designs on high-quality clothing and accessories to customers who enjoy the nautical, coastal, island life experience. Fishi is also big on the environment. Kinda makes sense if you think about it. Fishi lives in the ocean that we continuously pollute. Fishi's message to us, c’mon guys! You can do better.

It’s time to Get Social with Fishi!

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